Who is not worried?

When I see what is happening in the world today, I am worried; worried about the future of our planet; worried because I do not know what awaits us. Worried because where we are heading to, I don’t know. Are we in the right direction?

I really doubt if we are moving in the right direction. Look at the acts of terrorism. Look at the fighting going on within some nations. Look at the rivalry and competition among nations. Look at the number of unscrupulous people in power in the world. Look at the hatred; the crime wave, the lies being told by people who are supposed to be responsible. People are being ruthlessly killed in broad day light. Think of those who want to build walls to separate people instead of building bridges to link and unite people.

If you are not worried, I am. Where we are heading to, I can’t say. What awaits us, I can’t say. I really am worried. Something needs to be done to save the world from destruction. Who is really not worried? What is the way forward?