God’s Own country Kerala….a memory

Kerala…in INDIA is just UNIQUE


I was on my business trip to ” Kerala “ popularly known as “GOD’s OWN COUNTRY” on Feb first week 2017 and Kerala is on the south-west extreme end of Indian sub-continent.
Although i visited “Kovallam” sea beach long back in the year 1981 perhaps in a study tour during my college days.
Virtually i got a chance on the day of my departure from Kochin to Kolkata and planned for a trip with friends to the “Unique Kottayam” to click some awesome 😎 shots on back water at Kottayam.
We boarded a house boat from Kottayam with all the amenities for a few hours trip on the water with food 🥘 and music on the board.I am here with sharing some beautiful snaps of back-water at Kottayam and I am sure you will definitely like the scenic beauty.
Such scenic beauty of House-boat on water I am sure hard…

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