Stop quarreling! Stop fighting!

20170603_194707Do you own the world?
Who actually owns the world?
Does anybody own the world?
Or which country owns the world?
Does any country own the world?
No one owns the world;
No country owns the world;
So why are we fighting over the world?
We have been given the world to enjoy;
We brought nothing into the world;
All that is here, we found it here;
Why can’t we share it fairly to all?
Why do we want to be so greedy?
It’s a vast world full of resources;
Billions of others live here;
And we all have the same needs like you;
Why accumulate more than you need
When others are wallowing in misery?
You are just one person out of billions;
Your family is just one family
Out of millions of families;
Your country is just one country
Out of hundreds of countries;
Why make as if you were all in all
In this wide world of ours?
Why must your country come first?
Can’t we all be winners?
Wouldn’t that be better?
What is all this fighting for?
What is this rivalry and unhealthy
Competition for?
Let us revise our ways;
Many of us are tired of fighting
Between the people of the world;
Let us co-operate not oppose;
Let us live in peace not in war.
Let us put hate down and love up.
Let’s stop fighting over property
That is not ours;
It’s the creator’s property;
Let us share it as the owner wants;
Please, people of the world,
Stop quarreling! Stop fighting!