Terminals of Exchange.

The currents strike the sky with light across the distant plains, upon the branches they conduct, as terminals exchange. Within the vast surrounding distance lit before the day, the brilliant flashing lines will reach in contact either way. Upon the tendrils set to seek, the heights beyond the black, the skies ignite upon the heavens glowing with the flack. Erupting with a distant charge exploding into flight, upon the covenant of darkness nothing would invite. As shadows led the sun in visions heavy with the change, the light was met in sequence set upon the showing range. As lightning stretches thunder cracks in line upon the sound, accordance within time reports in light upon the ground. In heavens laden in such depth as awe inspires state, electric charges reconnect the universe by fate. Upon ascension to the facts and destined to begin, the skies incite the tendrils flight upon the blowing wind.