My blogging challenge

The greatest challenge I find in blogging is how to get my posts to those who need them. Now, they get mostly to fellow bloggers who don’t actually need them. They know most of the things I write about and mostly write the same things. I read their blogs and they read mine and we have lots of pageviews and likes but that doesn’t help any body much.

There are people out in the world who need the inspiring messages we put out on our blogs but since they are not bloggers they hardly get to our blogs. How do we get them to do so? Do you know how to make this blog accessible to web users who don’t own blogs and have no blogging ambitions. If blogging ends as an activity among blog owners I think it will be a fruitless use of energy. What do you say?

I know many would talk of sharing on social media but my experience is when I share on Facebook my facebook friends will only read and comment there without actually visiting the site. What I want is for more people to come to the site. How do I do it? How are you doing it? Or do you face the same problem like me?

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