Little did I know

Little did I know
When I abandoned the goal I was pursuing,
That I was just at the point of achieving it;
It was a lofty goal, indeed,
And I had achieved it I would have been very fine;
Unfortunately, I listened to discouraging voices;
And foolishly gave up my strive to achieve it;
Only later did I know,
When it was too late,
That I needed just a little time and effort
To reach my desired paradise;
I lacked patience;
And the ability to persist, I threw to the dogs;
I was gullible to discouraging messages;
And had to lose what I lost;
Imagine what a difference
It would have been;
All I have now is the lesson I’ve learned;
I wouldn’t let it slip through my fingers also;
And cling to it and stick to my goals,
Even when I am told chances of success are slim;
I shut my ears to discouraging messages;
And I’ll keep on till I get what I want.


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