God’s latest miracle in our life

On Sunday, my wife and I experienced God’s miracle in our life. We were on our way to a silver jubilee celebration. I was the driver. Only two of us were in our beautiful car so I enjoyed driving. Although we were late, we went at average speed.

The devil was work to spoil our day. At one point, to our total bewilderment, a little girl who was moving with her mother probably to Church decided to change the side of the road on which she and her mother were travelling. Hence, she jumped to the middle of the road without looking. We were about to hit her as I jammed on my break. She realized what was happening and began running for her dear life. “If I go left, I will hit her dead on the spot,” I told myself. I decided to go right just where she decided to run to. As I struggled on and on to avert the worst, I saw the fatal hit coming as she skipped and landed in the gutter to my right. The vehicle halted and I asked my wife if we had killed her. She said we had not even touched her. The little angel got up, ran to her mother who came apologizing to us saying she was safe. It took me a while to regain the courage to start to drive.

That was one of God’s many miracles we’ve experienced in our family. Throughout the service we expressed gratitude to God for his wonderful miracle. The devil wanted to spoil our day and maybe the rest of of lives but God came in to say no.

He is always around us ready to come in to protect us. Thank you Lord! You did it for us. Friends, have your car blessed if it has not been blessed. God will be your driver if you do and no evil will come on you while in it or through it.