The triumph of good

What we are witnessing in today’s world, in my opinion, is a neck-to-neck duel between good and evil. At one time good will seem to be having an upper hand just for the tides to seem to turn in favor of evil. Many are worried as to which will triumph in the end. I get worried too but I am becoming more and more convinced that good will triumph in the end. God is good. Evil is the Devil. God will triumph over Devil. What is your take?



41 thoughts on “The triumph of good

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  2. There is both good and evil in the world as there has always been. We are on the downside of a vicious cycle that repeats itself and over time good will again conquer evil, and it is faith that lets you believe that.

  3. I think the battle goes on and on these days; with only brief respites in our dreams. Some times the dreams are just brief seminars for the next battle. I am longing for a break in the war where I can shovel the dirt on top of one demon, close the gate on the cemetery, and walk away for a little R&R. Then it is back in the trenches. The brief moments of satisfaction are few and far between these days.

  4. The world is in bad shape. Some agree that it is and other ignore reality. Those who trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior will either die and go to heaven, or they will be drawn up to Him when he comes to meet them in the air. I believe he is coming back for His bride, and church. Those who aren’t Christians will continue here for a while. I believe in the soon return of Jesus Christ. I am a professing Christian. In some countries people lose their lives for being Christians. In America, there are many who are not His children. We have many faiths. I know whom I have believed in and I am persuaded that the work He has begun in me will continue. I walk in His light, because He is the Word. Jesus came to die for sinners. He died that we might have life abundantly. Everyone has sinned, and we are born in sin. It is the blood of Jesus Christ that covers our sins when we accept Him as our own Savior. It is a personal choice, and commitment. There is a difference when you receive Him. There are fakes of course, but when you receive Jesus Christ, He comes to live in you by the power of the Holy Spirit. I don’t understand all things, but I say it is by grace that I have found Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. All the burdens, and struggles are gone because now I have His joy, love, and peace. His peace is from head to toe. He invented the word triumph.

    • Hi Ruby
      What do you feel about the Christians who’ve created more bloodshed, and pain, in the name of a God they believe in, forcing mostly the innocent Indigenous people of the world to conform to their religion? Is this coming from a place of love? Or, could it be, that Christians, purely from conditioning, actually believed that the horror they’ve inflicted on others, who didn’t believe what they do, were acting out of some sense that they are pleasing God?
      I won’t criticise what you believe in, as that’s not my place, but would be interested to know your thoughts on what Christians have done to innocent people. Like taking aboriginal children from their parents, forcing them to ‘accept Jesus as their saviour’ and when the children didn’t understand this, being brutally punished, until they agreed. Taking away what they’ve believed their entire lives, for generations, and enforcing their own beliefs on innocent children?
      Also, note how every war that is being fought in the world, is not about peace, it’s all in the name of whatever God the West mostly, follows.
      It’s not people who believe differently to Christians that create hell on Earth, they actually live in Peace. It’s Christians who destroy, maim and kill in the name of ‘Jesus’. I doubt Jesus would ever have condoned or even taught this. He was a man of love, not of war.
      I believe Jesus was an enlightened Being, and he actually told the Jews, when they were stoning him for blasphemy, as he called himself God, he said ‘haven’t I told you that ye are ALL Gods?’

      • My first thought is that there are people who claim to know Christ who don’t know Him. He warned that there will be some who claim to know Him, who He will say never knew Him. It is hard to go through the eye of a needle. Some make it hard to know Christ. Others claim they do, but their life isn’t changed. Religion ruins us.

        • Ruby, what do you mean when you say ‘some claim to know Christ who don’t know him’? Would this not be the people who follow the Bible vehemently and, through the books written in the New Testament, work out what they perceive to be the Truth? How does one distinguish between who actually KNOWS Christ and who doesn’t? Does anyone KNOW Christ? Met him? Who makes it hard to know Christ, and through who’s eyes? There are many ways of seeing what one believes to be true. Christ never wrote any scriptures that we know of. We do know, that the Catholic Church, removed many Scriptures from the very original Bible. What was written about Christ, was written by men years after his death. Men make mistakes and changes in the various Bibles today, have divided what the original Truth probably was. We know that Christ existed. Every Holy Book tells us that. What we don’t know, is WHO he was. He claimed that ALL men are Gods. He wasn’t a Christian either. So, at what point do you take a look at who YOU are? When do you believe what Christ said? He said it’s easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, what is the Kingdom of Heaven? A ‘place in the Sky’? No! it’s right inside YOU. A rich man will very rarely seek out the Truth, as he’s happy living on his ego and money, believing that his life is perfect. So, if he never finds the Truth of WHO he is, he’ll never be truly happy, and if he loses all of his money, he will be devastated, and blame ‘God’…The poor man however, is still within, mostly, and seeks the Truth, because he wants to know it. In his joy in discovering WHO he really is, he is in the Kingdom of Heaven. Happy, free, and every joyful.

          • Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He is God. He was there in Creation. I read my Bible, but that doesn’t make me a Christian. I received by faith what Christ did for me on the cross, in that He died, shedding His blood for you and me. Then on the third day He rose again. He lived as a man, and as the son of God for 33 years. He spent His last years teaching and talking about the Kingdom of God. I believe He existed before He came to Earth. Someone had to die for our sins. All of us are sinners. It takes one sin to never reach Heaven. I believe that our unbelief and our sarcasm, and scorn of Jesus Christ comes from the devil himself. At the end of our days, we either go to Heaven or Hell. There are many who are unbelievers who are headed for Hell. It is a real place, and I still take my stand that Jesus died, and went through much suffering and pain for you and me and the rest of the world. We believe on the Lord Jesus Christ like when Moses lifted the serpent on a pole and told the children of Isreal to look at it, and be healed. Those who did, were healed of the curse that came on all of them. I am verbose, but I settled matters about receiving Christ as my Savior when I was twelve. It took several days, but I received Him as mine, with assurance that I was full of His Presence. It is hard for you to understand what I say, because you may not have the light inside you that you receive when you accept Christ as your own Savior. He loved us all, the whole world. He left His throne to come to Earth to become the Savior of us all. He died under much pain, and suffering, but He was and is the Son of God. His name is above every name, and my knees bow to Him in my heart , and literally. May you experience the true, genuine Jesus Christ in your own life. He arose from the grave, and remained with the disciples for a period of time. Then he ascended to Heaven. Christ will return to catch those who know Him. I believe He is coming back. My knees bow to Him, because He died that I might live. Lies keep people from believing that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God who was promised to come as the Messiah.

            • Ok Ruby. Thanks for sharing your beliefs. You didn’t answer my questions though. That’s ok too. I love Christ, I just do not see him the same way you do. I don’t live in fear of a hell that doesn’t exist either. I’m enormously happy, knowing who I am. Bless you angel.

              • Thank you for letting me talk with you. I don’t have all the answers to your questions, but I am confident that if you are searching for answers that you will find them. I believe Heaven, and Hell are real. I am not a Baptist, but I went to college at a Baptist school. My parents raised me to know about Christ, but I had to make my own conclusions. Ephesians 2:8-9 are special to me because I know when I found Him, and took Him as my personal Savior, I was experiencing the grace of God. I was a preacher’s kid, but I had to make this decision on my own. Many don’t find Him because they were raised in a Christian home. They struggle for years until they finally find Jesus Christ. I pray that your search will be North, and that you will find the answers to your questions despite all the confusion. I pray that you will know Him and that someday we will meet in Heaven. I am glad you are happy. I am not the one who convinces anyone to come to Christ. The Holy Spirit will draw you to Christ. I have been very open with you. Thank you for responding. If you have more questions, I can get answers. Ruby

                • Thank you Ruby for making yourself available to answer and further questions that Deborah may have. Of course, we cannot have all the answers; and we cannot understand everything. If did, we would be God but our wisdom is limited. And where we cannot find answers we have to depend on faith. If we were God we would stop evil in the world by s stroke of the hand. If we were God, we can stop death from taking us away from this world. We are not God. We cannot do what G

            • What we need to take into consideration when we talk about God is he was the one who revealed himself to us and that story is told in the bible. We have to accept this story as a matter of faith for how can we prove it? People have their stories to tell; their own version of who God is but how have they come to this if it is outside the bible? From their whims and caprices which are of course limited. Our simple intelligence can not tell us everything about God. It will be conjecture so we have to believe the story that has been handed down to us over thousands of years By the way, simple wisdom tells us that God could not have left us in darkness about himself. Hence he revealed himself to us. He chose to do so through the Gospel writers.

          • Very brilliant arguments but as I have said, not everything can be explained through our wisdom. We have to believe in faoith. The Gospel writers were inspired ; and even today God still continues to inspire people to interpret the bible. There is what is called the deposit of faith which means the faith as handed down from generation to generation. Any theories about God that human beings formulate in present day have no foundation. God could not have left us in darkness over thousands of years to only know about him today.

      • Thank you Deborah for your views. Expressing ourselves clearly on what we believe is important for others to know what we stand for and why we behave as we do. I hope, Ruby and other Christians will respond to the views of Deborah. We invite others to join the discussion. May be we can as well put our finger on where the so many problems in the world are coming from.

        • Hey Success Inspirere’s World. My feeling, is that the World is what it is. The problems in the World, come from ignorant men and women. It’s no more complex than that, and has been this way for thousands of years. The only difference, is that we have the means to see what’s going on via TV or social media, whereas, way back then, this didn’t exist.

  5. I do agree that the selfishness we see in the world today is appalling. Many people think only of themselves. They want their interest first; their county first, the interest of their country first and others can go to hell. People accumulate money they don’t need while millions die of poverty. Injustice is everywhere; corruption has become a canker worm. The world is in trouble. Too much greed and hypocrisy. Those who are ruining the world are the same people shuttling here and there claiming to be trying to save the world. What a shame indeed!

  6. Deborah, what do you mean by Religion was introduced around the 1600s? People have worshipped something for thousands of years before that. Back beyond the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, people worshipped a spirit of some kind, whether it be a totem spirit or an external one.The worst aspects of Christianity began long before that, too, the Crusades began in the 13th century. The Jews were thrown out of various places before that, too.

    However, some of your other thoughts are reminiscent of some of the Eastern religions. I read, many years ago, about Buddhism as well as Hinduism, and the idea of the God within I seem to remember being in that.

    To return to good and evil, i think that, currently, evil is winning. Not just because of all the terrorism that’s happening now, but smaller things. People are much more selfish than I have ever known, and I have lived a long time. When I was growing up I was taught to think of other people first. In the 60 s and 70s, people were told that they needed some time for themselves to do what they wanted. This has escalated into thinking of themselves all the time. This leads to much of the evil in the world. ‘I want that’ so I steal it. It might be a piece of meat, nearly all the plants from a community run park where people have spent a great deal of time and energy making it look nice (personal experience), to rape and murder.

    My thoughts aren’t as deep as yours, but I hope you find them interesting.

    • Hi VM Sang. I meant Christians and religion per say, reigned terror on everyone who they thought should be converted. You’re right, the crusades starting with Constantine, go way back. I was referring to when the catholic monks entered old civilisations, and burnt their books, and enforced their own beliefs onto them. Part of this tragedy, is that, by the monks venturing into what was not theirs to venture into, destroying ancients way of living, finally wiped many civilisations out. Anyhow…..

      Man is inherently selfish and filled with ego. He’s greedy, and believes if he just keeps ‘repenting’ it’s all good. Somehow, man believes that there’s a man on a cloud watching with a big book, taking names.

      If man, were to drop his ego, and recognise the Supreme Being that he is, immediately, he’d be loving, joyful and kind to everyone, knowing that we are, all one. We can learn a lot from what the Native American Indians knew. As well as other People, who knew who they were, and woke up to the Truth.

      All we need to do, is drop our projections, egos and selfishness, to live in a happy world, where consumerism isn’t the name of the day, and children are loved. We do need time alone. It’s healing and healthy to reflect in silence. It is in silence, without our own thoughts, that I believe God talks to us. Bless you

      • I do buy some of the things that you say Deborah – selfishness, ego, greed, etc. May I ask which is your religion or faith? Do you have a church? How do you pass on your message to others in real daily life?

  7. Hello. I have a completely different point of view. No judgement on anyone, or what they believe in. We are in Truth, the GodSelf. When God ‘made Man in his own image’…that meant every colour, every man and every woman. So the Supreme Being, is made of millions. Different shades, different genders..

    Sadly, religion was introduced around the 1600’s, and I’m sure the then ‘well meaning Christians’ thought they were ‘doing God’s work’, when they destroyed every single Indigenous persons identity and belief system. In truth, they had no right to do this. the word ‘God’ has been used to kill millions for centuries…’all in the name of God’…that in itself shows huge hypocrisy on the part of the Christians who use God’s name to kill others.

    WE are the Supreme Being itself. God is within us, and we within him. When we realise the TRUTH of WHO we are, not merely human beings, but BEINGS, Supreme Beings experiencing Earth in human bodies. We are God. This might sound appalling and hard to swallow. But humans have messed it up so badly, hence evil exists. People have forgotten WHO they are! and then take up arms ‘in the name of God’, and wonder why there is so much evil? We must be the change we wish to see. I wish so badly, that people would just understand this simple Truth, and stop blaming the banning of ‘religion’ in schools and whatever other reason they can find, which all, have nothing to do with TRUTH, but due to their conditioning….

    • Thank you for your views. I like the conviction with which you express them. I am at a loss what to say because I have not had this view before. Maybe you could throw more light on your point or maybe some other reader may have a thing to say.

      • Thank you. I’ll try and explain this as simply as possible, because the TRUTH is simple. In essence, YOU are what you are searching for. (St. Francis of Assisi), when looking ‘out there’ for a ‘God’, there’s nothing ‘out there’…what you are seeking, is already what you are. i.e. God. I realise that for most people, this sounds blasphemous, but it’s not. To deny WHO you are, is blasphemous.
        You are a Supreme BEING. That is to say…God. You are not a ‘person living life’, you ARE life itself! When you view the World through the eyes of your own SELF, your inner Being, your Godself, everything becomes joyful. You realise that you’ve been sleeping…from being conditioned into believing in one religion or the other (which ever one makes more money I guess), and so guilt is instilled into you from an early age, from ‘well meaning Christians or people of religious persuasion’…the Truth is, there is NO guilt! Guilt is a man-made thing to keep him in bondage to the church.

        If you free yourself from this cycle of delusion, and honestly seek out the Truth of WHO you are, you will experience a huge shift in consciousness, and WAKE UP to your true Self. No more fear, no more guilt, no more sadness (unless for obvious reasons) and even then, you come to a place of perfect acceptance of what IS.

        The planet has been around for billions of years. It’s man, living on ego, thinking he’s a ‘person’, forgetting he’s actually Spirit, or Soul if you want, having a human experience, that believes he can control the Universe! It’s astonishing when you see Beings living on Ego! Take a quiet look, and just observe around you to understand what I’m talking about. Everyone has their own 5 cents worth about ‘the world’, but none of it is true.
        When we just accept ‘what is’, drop our ego’s, and allow our own lights to shine. We help others to shine too. We light up the world. WE light up the world. not an old man that’s been imagined as a someone sitting ‘up there’ taking names. Doesn’t exist.

        WE exist. Not as ‘people’, in truth, as Beings. Supreme Beings. We ARE the God we are searching for. The Truth we are searching for, lies right from where you’ve been searching.
        Try this: pretend you are visiting me. I say, ‘welcome’, but before you are allowed to come inside, ‘drop your mind at the door’…all your stories, your beliefs, your projections, your fears, what you think you want to do later, etc..EVERYTHING. Leave your mind totally blank. Outside the door. Now, the one I meet, is YOU. Not your mind, that is ever changeful and cannot be trusted ever. What did you do at this time yesterday morning? At exactly this time? Of course, mind cannot remember! same as when you ‘look to the future’. The future doesn’t exist. Simply because it hasn’t come yet. You don’t even know if you’ll wake up tomorrow, yet we project into the ‘future and cause ourselves untold misery and angst. The same with the past. It no longer exists. You cannot borrow a moment from yesterday, and bring it into the now. You cannot fix what you believe you did ‘wrong’. You don’t have to repent for anything. You can apologise if you’ve hurt someone, and you answer to yourself. Your own GodSelf, your Being, who doesn’t require an answer. We cannot do a thing about the huge Ego’s that rule the world. We cannot pray it better, or else it wouldn’t be happening in the first place. WE have to change for the World to change, and until mankind becomes ‘kindman’, nothing will change ‘out there’, but a lot can change and will change ‘in here’ when you wake up to WHO you are. Big love 🙂

        • Wao! I read it spellbound. I’ll have to read it a good number of times to take in as many of the points advanced as possible. Thanks for all the time taken to put this message across. I wish other readers would join this discussion.

  8. Good is always thought in books and religion, but bad is practised by us who had learned from the good. Why? Because we are humans who have the iniquity, bearing the sins of our forefathers, recalcitrant in many ways. This is my take on the your thoughts. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    • I do agree with you that we do not practice the good that we so much talk about. That is why there is so much evil in the world. My problem is how do we get ourselves to practice the good we so much talk about; preach about; teach in school, write books about?

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