God is controlled by belief

A writer weaves words to craft a piece of writing. Thus, where there was nothing, a story is born.

With a chisel and a hammer, a sculptor chisels a stone or wood into a beautiful design. Thus, what was a plain stone or piece of wood becomes a work of art.

With a brush and paint, or pencil and ink, a painter creates an image. Thus, what was a blank sheet of paper or a blank surface becomes a painting or drawing.

That is how out of nothing with his divine brush and ink, the Divine Mind, the greatest of artists, created the world. He continues to carve out our lives with little strokes of his divine brush.

We are not the authors of our lives. We may think we are the ones who determine what direction our lives take; how we look and what we become. We are not. The Master Artist is. But in his unfathomable ways, he has given us the power, through our belief, to tell him what he must do for us.

God controls the world; but belief controls God. He does for us what we believe he’ll do. He does for the world what the world believes he’ll do.