Half measures are not enough

Everyday, I meet incredible talents wherever I go – on the web and in real life. I meet people doing incredible things; things I could never have imagined. It is amazing what people are doing. I am astounded by what the human mind can do.

God, our creator, filled us with different talents; and in a highly competitive world, we need our talents. We need to develop and use them to the full else we are knocked out of the competition or we don’t qualify for the Cup Competition at all.

It is not every team that goes to the World Football Cup Competition. Only the toughest teams do. Only the most talented players find themselves there. Only the most talented carry home the golden crown.

Of course, it goes without saying. What will attract people to your work if it does not shine? With so much that shines around nothing will move people to come to you rather than to those who are shining and sparkling.

You have no choice but to shine if you want your head above water in today’s world. You must spend time and explore ways to develop and exploit your talents to the full. Half measures are not enough. Half measures do not take anyone to the top; not in our world of today.


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