No better way to express

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Today is a day for me to sing an dance,

As it’s a best day when a beautiful soul came to this land.

She is my mentor, she is my guide,

She is the reason that now I write.

Anytime you seek for help, she will guide,

without any hesitation without any pride.

A style full of smartness, Confidence and positivity at her stride.

Love for animals and passion to write.

A devoted mother, a loving wife.

An approachable friend, with love for life.

No better way I could find,

to wish her happiness, love and success for all her life.

All I Wana say…


Ranjeeta Di, the day you were born your parents were happy,

And today I could not find any better way

To share my happiness


Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

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8 thoughts on “No better way to express

  1. A blessing, you are, to many I know;
    Your family, your friends both far and near.
    A heart so sweet belongs to you;
    Your smile. a lamp that lights our hearts;
    Of you, indeed, so proud we are;
    Though miles and miles
    Forever keep us apart,
    A gift to us so dear you are;
    Happy birthday, we say to you;
    May your light forever so shine!

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