Sweet Indian Woman

She is a sweet Indian woman;
She glows and shines;
Her heart, a heart of gold;
She loves and cares;
And herself is loved and adored;
I am never tired watching her smile;
A spouse to an adorable man;
A mother to cute Indian angels;
A prolific writer and blogger who puts smiles
On our faces all year round;
And today is her birthday;
This lovely Indian woman
Who lights up my heart daily
Is no other than
Ranjeeta Nath Ghai aka atrangizindagieksafar
On this birthday of hers,
One hug from each of us is not enough for her;
Let’s give her hug upon hug;
Take my hug, precious Ranjeeta;
You are so loved;
Keep on shining!
Keep on smiling;
Keep on loving!
Keep on caring;
The world needs the glow that comes from you;
May your light forever shine!