Wisdom on Life: This Too Shall Pass

These are the words from my teacher in High School that I surely will not forget. She said, “Every time you are in your low moments of your life, there’s no point in wondering or dwelling on it too much. It will only make you feel depressed. What I advise you to say to yourself is – This Too Shall Pass. Breathe in, relax, feel the pain, cry it out if you need to, release… Learn, then move on.”

Her words truly have wisdom. For many times this has saved me. Not just from getting too nervous every examination but more now that I am in my adult age. It has saved me from depression and from my pessimistic tendencies. In summary, her words made me realise that “Everything in life is temporary!” Success is never forever, so stay humble. Failures are never for long either, so learn to dance in the rain! Go with the flow.

That is why time is the most important value in the world. What you do with your time is what you do with your life. We can never turn back time around, but we can always spend it in ways that bring forth happiness, good vibes and energy to share with the people that matter to us.

Source: LynDurante.com’s Wisdom on Life: This Too Shall Pass


I wish that you’re enjoying the journey of your everyday life! Make the most of it both in your alone time and with the few people who truly matters.

And to all Dads out there… a huge shout out to you – Happy Father’s Day!



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