Rough road to Heaven

Tell me about the road to heaven;
I want to go to heaven;
Where is the road to heaven?
How rough or how smooth
is the road to heaven?

The road to heaven is rough;
Paved with stones and rocks;
With anger and lies not left out;
Potholes of poverty and temptation are galore;
Driving on it is a nightmare.

It is the road to hell that is smooth;
Tarred with money and earthly goods;
With power and position as road signs;
To travel on it is easy[
You go at 500 kilometers and hour.

You have to choose which road you’ll take;
The smooth road or the rough road?
The road paved with money
Or the road paved with poverty,
The road of anger and that of temptation?

I’ll take the rough road to heaven;
No matter how rough it may be,
It leads to where I want;
If I continue to journey on this road,
One day I’ll get to heaven.