Turning your back on your friend

There are people who turn their backs so easily on their friends. At the least misunderstanding, they will turn their back on a friend whom they valued.

Friendship should not be judged on one act. Why should one wrong behavior from your friend wipe out the so many right things that brought and kept you together? If you call off a friendship because of one wrong thing that the friend has done, it may be the difficult person in the relationship is you.

We have to learn to love and cope with our friends when they are good and when they are not so good; when they do nice things to us and when they do what may not be so nice.

If you are in a relationship where the other person is only taking from you and not giving back, that should not be a basis for divorce in that relationship. Things might change. It is better to give time and look more at the other person’s attributes rather than their weaknesses.

Before you draw the curtain on a relationship, dialogue with the person in question. Do not take a unilateral decision to end a valued relationship because you think there is one-sided love and care. Talk to your friend in a nice way about it. You may find that you have no reason to call off your friendship.

Friendship is something to be valued, nurtured and preserved. It cannot go without potholes being encountered on the way. But a few potholes should not be a reason to collapse the bridge on a friendship.


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