The word bottle is a common everyday word whose meaning many of us know as a glass or plastic container used to hold water or a drink.

The meaning that is new to me is the one of being courage of boldness to do something. If I ask for instance if you have the bottle to do something, I am asking if you have the courage or boldness to do it. Can you think of its synonyms?

Bottle can also be used as a noun to mean courage or nerve. You can lose your bottle in the face of a threat or danger. I lost my bottle when my boss threatened to fire me.

The best way to stamp the meaning of a word in your mind is to use it in sentences. Can you use bottle in the sense of courage or boldness in sentences of your own?



8 thoughts on “Bottle

  1. Not a lot of people know that this usage of bottle is from Cockney rhyming slang – that’s where apples and pears means stairs and Barnett Fair means hair. So bottle and glass means arse, or ass if you are American. So the expression to lose your bottle originally meant to lose your arse, or shit yourself. There are other Cockney expressions like this whose vulgarity is not known by the general public, another example being to call someone a berk (now considered a mild insult) which was the abbreviation of the original Berkley Hunt, which rhymes with a more serious insult


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