“I love you”…do I say it or not?

sprinkle of thoughts



Over the years these words have been underused, overused and misused and it has gotten to the point where we have forgotten how or even when to use it. We mostly use it now maybe only for our boyfriends or girlfriends or when we want to obtain favors or for emotional blackmail. Sometimes even to say it to our loved ones (mostly family members), it’s kinda awkward. Or we don’t use at all because we’re scared we’re gonna appear weak or someone’s gonna take advantage of us. It’s really sad but I get where all of this is coming from.


As Africans, based on our culture, the distance between the parents and the kids is huge and there is a real barrier as to showing our feelings or expressing ourselves. You can’t really tell your parents “I love you” lol…the highest you’ll get is a ‘

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