My heart yearns for you

I know you can’t be mine;

Many rivers, hills and valleys separate us;

You cannot cross over to me;

And I cannot cross over to you;

Though my heart burns for you,

We are worlds apart;

But why do I keep dreaming about a life with you?

Why does my heart yearn so much for you?

What do the do?

Can anyone advise?


3 thoughts on “My heart yearns for you

      1. Well, there are 3 series of this book and the Amber spyglass is the last one. In it there are many parallel world and not many people know of these other world but some do travel through, however they can travel there but not live there, if the do so then they die in a decade or 2. There also other plots in this novel. I really recommend this book, it was the first one that made me cry!


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