The Blue Sky Tag

DilKiAawazSuno blog

Bright and radiant the sun shines,

Making the sky clear blue and bright.

Hopes are blue sunshine is faith

Giving us a wisdom that darkness never stays.

If I can spread some smile, some positivity and a moment of faith, then I believe I can say that I was able to be the blue sky spreading faith.. this is my interpretation of the given Tag..

This​ beautiful tag was given to me byShivangi, who herself believe in spreading hope, positivity and love.. her blogmultitudeofmythoughtsis worth a read. Though so young herself but her thoughts are profound.. thank you Shivangi of giving me this beautiful tag.

As per rule I am suppose to tag 11 more people but I will go with 4 since I have not read for so many days.. just catching up..

And I have to give 11 questions to…

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