Weak in faith

Are you weak or strong in your faith?

Is your faith deep or shallow?

 There are a few people I have come across or read about who are really strong in their Faith. Their faith is deeply rooted in their hearts.

The majority are not strong. They can’t fight for the Faith; can’t defend the Faith when non-believers are trying to tear it apart.

When your faith is shallow, when your faith is not deep, that is how you behave.

Better not to believe than to claim to believe when your faith is so shallow.

This is my thinking. What of yours?


9 thoughts on “Weak in faith

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  2. It’s interesting to read your thoughts. What I do not really understand is why there is a need to defened one’s faith? Isn’t it good to have an open mind, and listen to what other people think and believe? Thanks! 🙂

    • That sounds good. My concern is when what you believe in is attacked or ridiculed. What do you do? I thought you owe a duty to try to make the concerned understand. That’s what I mean by defending your faith. How do you see this?

  3. It is ironic that many people claim the US Constitution is based on the Bible the word of God. At the same time, the Supreme Court Justices are appointed to represent all people who are citizens of the United States. The decisions many times that are made go against all religious principles, in a way, our own Constitution is tearing the country apart, causing division. It all boils down to which one will prevail good or evil I have to believe it will be good.

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