How I learned to love and forgive even when I had all the reasons not to.

sprinkle of thoughts


I have been tested lately: through my friendships, my endeavors, family, at work infact it’s like I had a target on my back and I was on constant attack. Well, I understood that when you’re a selfless person who through thick and thin struggles to always make the best out of every situation, whether you’re right or wrong, people will take advantage of that and use you, walk all over you, disrespect you and hence, leaving you feeling so empty, betrayed and unworthy. I’ve had my share of it.

I’m the type of person to put my pride aside and apologize when in conflict with a loved one. I honestly hate fights and if I ever put up a front, then you must really be on the edge of wrecking me and you’ve done something crazy. But sometimes even through this, I let it go and make amends. Maybe this…

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