Get the desired results

In my village it is said that when you sow seeds in your farm you do not go  digging them up or watching them everyday to see if they have started germinating. You allow them to germinate when the time is ripe for them to do so. 

Seeds germinate and grow at their pace. No matter how anxious you may be to see them grow that will not speed up their growth.  

The only thing to do to ensure their  proper growth is to make sure that the soil is properly prepared, that the seeds are good seeds and that the climatic and weather conditions are right. 

We can relate this to our goals in life. When we sow the seeds of our goal, we do not expect them to grow at lightening speed. They cannot germinate and grow when the time is not ripe.

No matter how anxious we may be to see them grow they will not grow faster because of our anxiety.

You have to create appropriate conditions for the seeds of your dreams to germinate and grow healthily and bear the desired fruits. Stop worrying! Stop fretting around!

If you do what is right for your dreams to come true, they will do so at the right time.

Our take-home from this is do what is right and you will get the results you desire.