The sunny side of life

When I was still a kid, I was taught always to look at the sunny side of life and never at the gloomy side. This means clearly that life has two sides, the sunny side and the gloomy side.
The was the beginning of positive thinking for me.

There are many things that make life sunny. There are also many that make life gloomy. My teachers did well to instill in me the need to focus on the sunny side and not on the gloomy side. I learned that lesson and it has never left me.

If we focus our minds on the gloomy side of life, we may end up hating the world because we’ll see it only as an ugly place. That definitely will not help us. That childhood lesson is one I think every child should learn. There is so much beauty in the world that we shouldn’t dirty our hearts and minds with the gloomy side of life.

Celebrate life don’t lament.