Snacks for success

We know that a snack is a small amount of food that is eaten between meals. When children who attend boarding school are returning to college after a break, their parents stuff their trunks with goodies to serve as snacks.

There is another kind of snack. When I was doing research for this post, I learned about social snacking. A social snack is a quick message or action taken during the day to perk up a relationship. Examples are an email sent to your spouse, a short text message, a brief phone call to reassure your sweetheart of your love.

Another kind of snack and what I call a snack for success is what some motivational writers call mental snacks. Here we include all the various actions taken during the day to keep us positive, motivated, inspired and encouraged.

When you get up in the morning before you go out for the day’s work, it is recommended that you have a good breakfast of positive thoughts to inspire, motivate and encourage you. At midday you go for them again just as you take lunch. In the evening, it is super time. Give yourself a good super of these thoughts. In between these meals, of course, you will need snacks of positive affirmations.

Do this daily and see your performance go up.



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  1. I actually went to boarding school for most of my childhood and adolescent years (grade 3-12). I just wrote a post about my experience in boarding school so that part jumped out at me 😀 loved your post!

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