Happy 1st of July 2017! Celebrate.

Wow, time flies so fast and it’s a new month again. How I love celebrating the first day of each month as I love new beginnings. For me, it always gives me that certain feeling of excitement and hope for great things to come in the same way that I look forward to New Year celebrations. Well, we don’t need to wait that long for us to take the time to reflect on blessings received, wishes granted and memories treasured. Right?

So what is it that makes the 1st of July special? Well, aside from the fact that is the first day of the second half of the year, it is also a fun-filled celebrations day for the following:

National Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day

I just learned that starting the year 1984, Ronald Reagan deemed July as the “National Ice Cream Month,” thus today is officially a “National Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day“.

Movenpick Ice Cream Adelaide South Australia

Good thing I have blog posts like these to look back to – 1) Why Having a Gelato is Healthy, and 2) How Swiss Ice Cream is Finest with Movenpick.

Reading them again brings me to that child-like feeling of happiness every time I receive a treat whether for a reason or without. And yes, I believe this is important. It is a must for us to find ways to pamper ourselves and rejoice for just about anything. After all, life is meant to be celebrated for all its yin-and-yang. Doing so makes us sane. =)

However today, we didn’t have an ice cream. But, we did treat ourselves to another celebration that one should do every 1st of July – Hop a Park Day.

Hop – a – Park Day

Do you know that July is the coldest month for winter in South Australia? But, guess what? Mr Sunshine turned out quite spectacularly sunny today. Warm enough to invite us for a half hour drive to the southern wine capital town of Adelaide – the McLaren Vale. It is a picturesque town in the Fleurieu Peninsula that is about 40km from the airport.

Meanwhile, in solidarity to today’s Hop-A-Park Day, we did go to two parks today in McLaren Vale.

Read More Source: Happy 1st of July 2017! Celebrate. from LynDurante.com


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