Belated Happy Birthday Jade

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Dear friends,

A birthday is a special occasion for the celebrant. We have all waited for this day with eagerness since our childhood. It only comes once a year and during this day you can show your love to your friend by sending him/her birthday wishes. Expressing wishes for Birthday has been made convenient with Happy Birthday Club for family members of  Success Inspirers’ World.

2nd July 2017, Jade celebrated his/her birthday with us. Please pardon me for a late poster. Got stuck in mundane chores. sending my sincere apologies your way Jade. Do visit his/her blog and like or leave a comment on any post you like.

I invite ALL Solidarity Bloggers and other bloggers who are yet to join us, to wish Jade on his/her birthday and show our solidarity in his/her happy moments.

Birthdays are those special days which are to be celebrated with family and friends. “Today is a perfect day to tell that you, Jade that you are nothing less than one of our family members!”

 I, Ranjeeta Nath Ghai aka atrangizindagieksafar, Mr.Ngobesing Romanus and all bloggers of  Success Inspirers’ World., take immense pleasure in wishing you a very warm and happy birthday.








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  1. Oh my god, this is so sweet. I am so sorry I am checking this out so late but gosh. Thank you so so much. It means so much to me. Wow. Thank you so very much!

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