We are doomed

I have my worries;
I have my doubts;
I have my fears;
We are doomed;
The world is crumbling;
Except my sight is failing me;
Does anyone see what I see?
The world was solid;
Standing on a solid foundation;
But the foundation is crumbling;
The foundation is going down;
The rock is giving way;
Where is the freedom that formed a strong foundation?
Where is the democracy?
Where is the integrity?
Where are the values that gave us hope?
Where are our men and women of honor?
The unscrupulous are in control;
Calling the shots;
What do we expect?
We are doomed;
Let us do something!
Let us give truth a chance.
Who is standing for the truth?
If not our hopes will be dashed to pieces
On the rocks.