Street Photography~a twist

Emotions over-ride My Inner-Being


Street Photography~I always love exceptions

“Have you ever put your EMOTIONS in to your shots ?” 

Almost after many days I am happy I am on the right track and I thank my wife for that for her strictures and persuasions.

Almost every morning I get up around 5am and start doing Yoga followed by skipping and light exercises but some times I love to be out of track.

That was Wednesday morning and after finishing a quick Yoga I started for a Photo-ride on my Bullet 350cc to “Bandhaghat” a nearby jetty on river Hoogly in Howrah.

The photography was a bit exceptional as I got some cute poses of Sparrows on the river-side.

While I was about to return I stopped by a Street food corner just near by preparing “Kachuri with Aludum“.I took a cup of tea ☕️ without sugar being my #ThemeToGetSlim

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