Is overnight transformation possible?

Change is not an easy thing. It’s hard for anyone to change overnight, but it’s possible.
How possible is it for one’s life to transform overnight? It is possible with God. It is hard but possible. Outside God it is impossible but with God it is possible. If you believe and truly believe, you will see things happening right under your nose.

Believe and truly believe and see miracles happen to you. Indeed, your life can change overnight if you believe. Here we are talking of believing, not pretending to believe when you don’t. Give yourself totally to God. Surrender everything to him and believe that you will have the transformation you want.

Go all out with your belief. Keep nothing back and see God work wonders for you.


6 thoughts on “Is overnight transformation possible?

  1. Brooklyn's Corner

    How do you come up with these inspirational post so fast?
    Sometimes you don’t see it but the transformation is already there. We just have to except it.

    Liked by 1 person

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