You are aware of the saying that, “You cannot eat your cake and have it.” Does it therefore, mean that we should not eat our cake because we will not have it again? Far from it. As I understand it, this means we should not eat all our cake in one gulp. We should not eat all our cake. We should keep some for the next time we are hungry but cannot afford another cake.

We can say this about our environment. If we destroy the environment indiscriminately, we can not be asked to be careful because we cannot eat our cake and have it. We have to exploit it in a sustainable manner.

Be careful how you spend your money. You cannot spend it and have it just as you cannot eat your cake and have it. You cannot squander your opportunities and have them.

The take home here is make the most of every opportunity you have. Don’t waste any opportunity because once it is wasted it is wasted.