Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2.11

Our blogger of the day

She is pretty. In fact, very pretty. I admire her. She describes herself as ‘wonderfully and fearfully made… pretty eclectic.’

She is ‘a woman, a daughter, a sister and a dear friend.’

To her, ‘ life is a big mystery. Life happens and you never know’. She has ‘ experienced highlights and tons of challenges.’

Her name is Stella; but I’ll prefer to call her sweet Stella. She is ‘blessed with an MA in International Studies from Denmark … that has since become home.’

She is out to inspire and motivate you to embrace the life you have always imagined. You will realize that you can design and sculpt your own life and follow your passions.’
Who can afford to miss the opportunity of meeting this charm?

Therefore, we have the pleasure and honor to invite you to meet our blogger of the day.

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7 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2.11

  1. Aawww… such beautiful compliments. This is humbling and I am so honoured to be the Blogger of the Day. Thank you so much for this wonderful mention. I am happy and it’s a pleasure to be a part of this awesome solidarity support forum. I appreciate everyone in this support group. Thank you all. 🙂


    1. Thank you Amy. I always knew you were there and busy also. Good friendship lives for ever. We may be out of site due to our different engagements but we don’t forget each other and in due time we meet as now and bless each other. Stay blessed sweet friend. Keep on spreading the love and rebuilding the mind.

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      1. I am blessed and may God bless you for encouraging me. It has not been an easy road by far to continue as I do. Yet by the Grace of God and the strength that is in me, I keep moving forward and push through the darkness found in this world. Much Love to you! 💖


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