What a shame!

I told Lisa to forget about me. I could not keep that any longer.
I didn’t want her again; but had not mustered the courage to say it to her.I felt ashamed as I had often assured her I adored her, and would prefer to die to leaving her.

I never foresaw myself falling in love again with another woman. Then out of the blues Masmida emerged; and we fell in love with each other right from our first meeting. Since then our hearts have burnt for each other as never before.

I kept this secret from Lisa. She always said she loved me so much and I felt she would die if I told he what I was going through. But as my heart burned more and more, I had to unveil the package.

I expected her to break down and cry like a baby. Do you know what she did? She jumped and shouted with joy; and said something that made me shocked; jealous; angry and humiliated. She told me I had made her day as she had been wondering how to tell me she was head and toes in love with my best friend Gabi, and they had made all arrangements to elope the next day.

Masmida was my best friend Gabi’s wife. What a shame!


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