Don’t regret tomorrow 

If you are a young man or woman, I don’t want you to regret tomorrow. That will not be good for you.

 Your future can be bright; very bright. But if you don’t take time, it may not be and you will regret. You will regret if you squander your opportunities today.

A lot of people squander their chances. Yes, they waste their opportunities; and most of the times by stupidly indulging in acts and practices that take them down the sad road to suffering and sadness. When they are much older and think of what they might have been they start to regret.

Spare yourself this sorrow and shame. Know what is good to do and do it. Don’t do what you know will bring you nothing but shame and sorrow.

Work hard while you have the energy to do so. 

Be committed to what you know to be right.

Be dedicated to what you are doing. 

Forward ever; no turning back.

Look at the bright side of things not at the dark side.

Let your focus be on doing the best thing you can to be the best person you can be.

My  best wishes to you.


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