Be proud to ask for help

Many people fail to realize their dreams because they fear or are too proud to ask for help.

Do not be afraid to ask for help to get to your destination. Do not be too proud either to ask for help.

A lot of people have good hearts and will be willing  to help you reach your destination.

Bear in mind that you need others to go to where you want to go. You cannot get there alone;

Don’t try to go solo;

Even the toughest persons only succeed because of the help of others.

Therefore, be happy and proud to ask for help.


5 thoughts on “Be proud to ask for help

      1. Should I share my situation? Though I’m slow but I’m willing to learn. Of course, in the specific area I want to flourish. I have been banging my head through different industries. In the end, my skills are too general. Just when I choose to decide on the field I want to focus on, I am being told being choosy. Personally, I feel tired of people’s opinions who thinks they are providing help.

        I thank God and believe that He can provide.


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