Imperfect me.

sprinkle of thoughts

imperfect.jpg“Sammy you are so wise. You are strong. You are brave. Wow, you really inspire me”.  While all these give me butterflies and make me feel like for once I am doing something right and somehow impacting people’s lives, I am not always a jolly person.

This post is not about me trying to give advise. This is me being vulnerable and realizing that through it all, I am but human. All my strength, wisdom, authority, consistency only apply to me talking to others and trying to help them. I am wise when it comes to others, intentional when it comes to others but as soon as I have to apply that knowledge for myself, to my life and decisions, I am dummy.

Someone told me “Before trying to give advise to someone, make sure your life is sparkling white. Make sure you have nothing to hide. Make…

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