Tailoring is a gold mine…

Today I met an old friend of mine who is a tailor by profession. We hadn’t met for over twenty years. He has become a very successful man. I was happy to meet and chat with him again after such a long time.

He has defied the low esteem that people have about tailors. When I was growing up we had a rather poor impression of tailors. In my environment, they were considered a low and unfortunate class of people; and indeed, many of them became tailors only because their parents could not afford to send them to school.

With time, the tides have come to favor many of them. I know some of them who are doing very well. Tailoring is now a prestigious trade. As a tailor you can rise to any level or position in life. Think of the tailors who sew clothes for presidents or their wives. Many of them are highly successful. They live in good houses and drive good cars.

This teaches that what matters in life is not so much the kind of job you do but how you do what you do. What may be looked upon to be a mean job may turn out to be a great job if well handled.

I encourage you to resolve today that no matter where God places you, you will turn it into a gold mine. Many tailors have turned tailoring into a gold mine. If your job is tailoring or another which is looked down on by the society, do not feel bad. Turn it into a gold mine.