Why I created this blog

Hello! Why did I create this blog? You have been reading my writings. Now, listen to my voice. Here comes my reason for creating this blog. How happy I am. Please, listen to it and tell me if it’s worth the pain.

Thanks for listening.



7 thoughts on “Why I created this blog

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts in that audio clip. I found it very interesting, one thing I’ve always said,” no pain no gain” but I didn’t receive much pain listening to it. A lot of food for thought to ruminate with my own ideas.


    1. You are right. I have done this for more than thirty-five years. My greatest joy today comes from people telling me I played a role in shaping their lives. It’s my purpose in life and I thank God for it. Thanks for discovering this. It’s so kind of you to tell me this. I feel recognized and appreciated.

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        1. Thank you! But without encouragement and support from people like you I would not do much. No general can fight and win a war alone no matter how strong he may be. I depend on people of good will like you who see my effort and join me to do this together. Many are doing it. Publishing here, reading, liking, commenting, introducing the site to others and making it grow. To all I am very thankful. I believe a day will come when somebody will give one little push and we will go places. That is my faith.

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