A farmer told me that on her farm, she had a lot of fruits that were edible. Of course, she also has fruits that are not edible, but which serve other purposes. I have been told that there are fruits that are edible but whose seeds are poisonous. Do you know any such plants? I know that mango, pear, and orange seeds are not edible. But I cannot speak for all humanity. Perhaps in some parts of the world, far away from me, or even very near, they are edible.



3 thoughts on “Edible

  1. I would go as far to say that eating any seeds, from any plant, would not be wise. Granted, some won’t harm you any (such as apples). Many sorts of plants are in the same boat. You could eat the petals, for instance, but eating the roots could kill you. You can also take the bark of some trees (or pine needles of another) and make them into tea or use them to flavor water of a soup.

    There’s plenty of things plants are able to do. The world is a wondrous place.


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