Forgotten Tales



All the while eating the soul away
Destroying it from the inside
To the out; ripping it apart,
Filling you with dread and despair.
Secrets of heart grow
Heavier day by day
While we learn to walk about
With a tailored smile on our face.

Thoughts, plans, regrets,
Sometimes even wishes
Not all secrets can be shared.
Layers by layers these secrets pile and
Everything is locked up and stored behind.
We donne a mask we seldom want to reveal.
People, you say you have no secrets!
And I say I have tonnes…

Look deep into your darkest memories 
You’ll find a forgotten tale,
A murmured doubt, and a few
Forbidden stories, with unfinished ends…
There are secrets…
Secrets on the inside of me
Smothered in their prime, yet blazing with heat,
That I’ll endeavour never to reveal.

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