Success Equilibrium

What do you think success is? What do you think equilibrium is? Is there any synergy between the two?

Success is not what most of us think it is. Many think success is being the richest man in the whole world. No, it is not? Success is not about comparing yourself with others, which is what leads many people to the wrong path when it comes to getting riches and being wealthy.

Success is all about making progress per time. Success is comparing your achievement with your set goals. When you consider many factors externally, you have examined others, you have learned from your role models, then you sit down, putting all those external factors together, and put down what you want to be in life. Your vision! Then, you break your vision down into achievable parts per time. As you achieve a particular goal, you are successful in that area, success is all about making progress.

success equilibrium

What I consider as Success Equilibrium is found in this common expression by people, “Work and Pray.” To be successful in life, we need to work and pray at the same time. Many countries and people work and neglect prayers, many pray for success and neglect work. These two has to be balanced, the work aspect is your own part, and the prayer aspect is God’s part.

If you look at the most successful countries and people of the world, they don’t joke with their works, and they don’t play games with God. We have many people that are working hard, and they are not forging ahead. We also have people that are praying hard, and they are recording no success. There must be equilibrium, a balance, between working hard and praying hard in order to record a good success in life.

Conclusion: I strongly believe that all factors that trigger success are already embedded in the Principle of Work and Pray. If you think any is left out, share it with me and other readers. Thanks!

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