Amazing stats

You may be among those who are  struggling with blogging but only having low stats. It’s intriguing that some people work so hard but their stats remain low while others have skyrocketing figures. They have amazing stats. They seem to magnet likes and comments.

What this means is blogging is far from being only hardwork. For sure, hardwork pays but you need more than that to stand out.

You have to know the tricks of the game and use them. You know them by learning.

Spend good time learning and mastering blogging skills. Definitely, they will not be easy but don’t give up. Keep learning and working hard. One day you will laugh out loud. Your stats will be at the top as those of the people you admire today.

When I started blogging, reaching a thousand pageviews looked like a far-fetched dream to me. But yI was not discouraged. See where I am today. 

Decide where you want to go. Find out how to get there. Start going. Never stop until you arrive. 

Take a break if you are tired. Learn how to handle situations you come across and don’t know how to handle. Above all, keep going and only stop when you have got what you want.


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