Purpose ,Persistence ,Patience , Progress

There is no secret formula to transformation. It certainly does not happen over night .

Just read the story of any successful individual and they will speak of pain, rejection, setbacks and loss.All of these are a part of the process. Our entire lives we are in metamorphosis. We outgrow things, people, we change our appearance; and hopefully through it all, we grow spiritually. Hopefully, we learn and come out of every situation stronger, better and more determined than before.

For me there are four P’s in the process of transformation: 

Purpose or Passion

Perseverance or Persistence 

Patience and 


Purpose : 

There is a driving force behind everything that we do. There must be a deep desire if you want to change something undesired or make a dream a reality. You have to passionate about what you want and eat sleep and breathe it.

This is where Perseverance steps in:

None of us likes to hear the word no but thinks of it no one ever got anywhere by quitting, did they? Just know that you will be judged, criticised that is all part of life. People will reject you and your ideas. When this happens, that is when you persist. Find a new pitch or a new perspective, ask for help if need be. There is a solution to every dilemma that you are confronted with. Just keep affirming I can do this and never, ever quit.

Patience :

So you have put in all the work. What happens now? When will you see results? Sometimes in life, you just have to be patient. Just know in your heart and have faith that your season will come and it will. I have realised that everything in life is interconnected and that rejection, that detour is most likely setting you up for something great. Being impatient can lead to rash decisions and the last thing you need is to jeopardise your hard work. Flowing not forcing that is the way to go. Have you ever tried swimming against the tide? It gets you nowhere and it’s positively exhausting, isn’t it?

Progress :

So the big day finally comes and you see your results. You finally have a taste of success. You were consistent and you never gave up. When you finally reach that moment you have always dreamed of; that is the time you start all over. Start with new goals, ideas and most importantly you can offer help to someone along the way.There is no shortage of opportunities in this big, beautiful world.  Remember why you wanted to grow, to achieve, to change and why you never gave up.

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