A gate hard to open

If the gate to the kingdom of success were easy to open, perhaps everybody would get in. Unfortunately, it is very hard to open. It is one of the hardest gates to open. You need to have the right key

which is not easy to come by. And when you find it, you must use it properly.

I do not know another thing that is more sought after than the key to success. Everybody wants to succeed. Some people work round the clock to see if they can find the key to that gate. You find people rushing at neck-breaking speed during the day in search of the key to the gate of success.

Can this key be found?

It can be found. Everyday there are people who find it. Before today ends, many people shall have found it and used it to open the door for themselves. Many have found it and today enjoy success.

Can you find it?

For sure you can. If others can, you too should. In fact, you have no excuse not to find it. It is at your reach. You were born to succeed. If you search well, you will find it. No one will hand it to you on a platter of gold. Others can help you but each person has to find the key for himself or herself.

Also you must know where to find it. It is like fishing. You cannot catch fish if you go fishing in a river where there is no fish. You have to know which river has fish and then go to fish there.

Let me reveal a precious secret to you. There is a digital key to the kingdom of success. All you need to do is to know the right button and the right combination.

The buttons are labeled determination, hard work, courage, commitment, dedication, focus, persistence. Press them in any order and don’t stop pressing until the gate opens to you.


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