Be a proud writer

If you are a blogger, you are a writer. Bloggers write. Therefore, bloggers are writers. You should be a proud blogger and thus a proud writer.

Why must you be proud?

Writing is

one of the greatest arts in the world if not the greatest. Musicians or singers, painters, star sportsmen and women may shine brighter than writers but are more easily forgotten. We still read the Holy bible, the Koran, and other books written in ancient times. We still read the works of Shakespeare and other writers who lived centuries ago but many of the greatest artists of those times have been forgotten.

When we write speeches, talks, or other forms of writing, and when we talk we quote writers, some of whom lived many centuries ago. Is that not greatness for those writers?

When we call a leader a great leader it is always because of how well such a leader led; and this is determined by his policies and how he put across his message to his people and the people of his time in speeches or addresses. When people begin to quote what you say in a positive way, you are on the way to greatness. Many of the quotes which embellish our writings today are drawn from the writings of great men and women who lived before us and wrote novels, poems, drama, speeches, articles, short stories etc.

The more powerfully and beautifully you write, the more thoughts or ideas you give to the world to quote when they write or talk.

If you are a blogger, therefore, and thus a writer, do not downplay the work you are doing. You are onto a field that can take you to greatness. It can immortalize your name. What you should do is to take it serious; be committed. Devote time to master the tools of writing and write so well that your writing will catch the attention of many people of your time.

When I read what certain people have written, I cannot help admiring and respecting them. And the moment people start admiring and respecting you because of your pen, you are on your way to greatness. Therefore, let us not take the stories, articles, or poems etc that we write in our blogs lightly. Let us give our best to our blogs.


35 thoughts on “Be a proud writer

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  2. Truth… I never wrote and never wanted to, started blogging, started journaling and now? I’m a writer. I even just finished the first draft of a book. Me? Writer? Yup. And proud of it!

  3. What a profound statement. Truly inspiring- Thank you! When I left my 25+years career in February, I was so unhappy. I decided to write (I always have, but not to share). I summoned up the courage and started my blog. I have never felt more fulfilled in my life than I do now. Life is truly amazing.
    Kudos to you for this amazing piece of work!

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