Solidarity Support Challenge vol 2. 19


Her name is Ruby Craft. She is a pastor’s wife for 47 years.

She enjoys life in retirement from teaching. She tutored locally for several years. She focuses now on art, painting, and cooking one time a week at the church where her husband serves. She loves planting a small garden at home in the Spring, and watching it grow up taller than her.

Her blog is titled Rubies Corner’s Blog and there, she shares from her heart, the real she.Sometimes she shares what is on her heart and mind from a preacher’s wife point of view. Other times she shares a recipe, or a painting. She reflects the good, the present, and the future.

There are 8 other blogs that she writes on. She has written four novels. You can find them on, rubiedonovels.

She would love if you visit often, and make her blog your favorite.

Her other blogs are: Rubie Do, rubiedonovels, Rubies Jewels, Rubies Songs, rubiesrecipes, waitjustamoment,Rock a bye Ruby, and Rock a by Ruby

Welcome to Ruby’s Corner’s blog where you meet the lovely Ruby Craft.

2 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge vol 2. 19

  1. Thank you. I happened to come by and there were words abut me. What a surprise. Now I have been married 48 years. Our anniversary was recently. That is a long time, and in ministry with him has been long. I learn things I don’t know because God shows them to me. Humility is on his welcome list. God is awesome. Humility comes because we get real with Him. Thank you. I was surprised to see my name.

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