Can one beat all?

Is it possible for one man to be strong enough to beat the rest of the people around him all pitted against him?

Many people will say this is not possible unless those around the man are weaklings. But it may not be so. They could well be strong but if the man is super strong he can crush all of then.

When a star player breaks the defense of his opponents to score a goal, it may not be because that defense is weak, but rather that he is a great player or that the defense underrated him or did not work hard enough.

A lesson which I have learned in life is no boxer should underestimate their opponent in a boxing ring. This goes for every situation where two sides face each other (boxing, football, other games, politics, etc). You do not underestimate or dismiss your opponent with a wave of the hand. You may have your shock if you do.

Jesus Christ, Mohamed, and other great leaders beat all their opponents and triumphed. You beat all your rivals at conception and emerged victorious. As you fight to realize your potential you will meet people along your way who will stand up against you. Beat them and pave your way to victory.

I have my dear friends who may not be aware that one man can beat them hands down and emerge with flying colors. I tell them, ‘if you don’t take time you will have your shock.’


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