Re-energize the dormant

If you want to be an achiever, or a winner, learn to turn your ideas and plans into action. You may have the best ideas but if they are dormant, they won’t bring you any results. All results are fruit of ideas that are transformed into action. When good ideas are married to good action they will give birth to good results.

If you look at the blogosphere, you will find many blogs that are dormant. Many of them started off very well but became dormant. One of my blogs has been dormant for quite a while. As such, nothing good is coming out of it whereas it would have been a very good blog.

I have a plan to re-energize it. I will lift it off the ground and see how far it goes. If you have a plan or project that is dormant, I encourage you to lift it off from sleep and get it going. That is what will bring you results.


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