Who understands God?

Who understands God?

If you do,

Do let me know;

Him, I want to know;

I find Him too hard to understand;

He does it when you least expect;

And when you do expect,

Nothing happens;

He is all powerful;

He can do and undo;

Yet, at times, he seems powerless.

How is God?

Who understands God?

If you do,

Help me to do so too.


13 thoughts on “Who understands God?

  1. My dear friend,

    When you are a sincere seeker of the truth with deep longing for it, I would like to recommend to you the teachings of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji – there is a way to God…


    Then read please his books as a start… (under this link you will find the menu “Books” there are a number of books which I can recommend with whole my heart.

    A good journey on your spiritual path
    All good wishes

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  2. He is the supreme always by our side..the moment we give up he will do something to give us hope and let us move on and when he knows tat we cannot tackle a situation he will surely help..the only important thing is to have faith and belief in him and confidence in self

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        1. I am happy you like the comment which comes from my heart. Whenever you don’t have what to write please, spend time on this site. Its our site. Take a closer look. Like more and suggest how we can move forward. I like it to grow big and be monetized for all who have worked so hard for it to enjoy.

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