If you are husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend and like your relationship to run smoothly, you have to learn to harmonize your tastes, likes and programs. If you don’t, there will always be conflict between you. When one person wants that you go west, the other may want you to go east. When one person wants you to go out for relaxation in the evening, the other may want you to stay at home.

Living in harmony is very important in life. If the world is as chaotic as it is, it is because the people of the world have not learned to live in harmony. We are different from one another in many ways; and in most countries there are different tribes, religions, and cultures. A lot of harmonization has to be done for the people to live in peace.

When I was growing up, there was a big discrepancy in salaries in the country. Salaries were higher in some parts of the country than in others. The Government quickly took measures to harmonize them. Today, it does not matter where one works. Salaries are the same regardless of where one is working.



6 thoughts on “Harmonize

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  2. Alas: we are interested in learning about different aspects of life. We want more and more degrees in various walk of life. We try to achieve more awards, but we dont think about one an other and never learn about harmony. Alas


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