Be a front seater

Are you a front seater or a back seater? Many people are back seaters. Whether they are at meetings, in Church, at musical concerts or any other occasion, they like to take the back seat.

Why is this so

They fear sitting in Front; and the reason they fear the front seat is they lack self-confidence.

When you take the backseat this is the message you send out; and, of course, it is a wrong message.

Self-confidence is an attribute to cultivate. It is what will take you from where you are to where you want to go. It is important that people see you as a self-confident person.

7 thoughts on “Be a front seater

  1. Interesting — when i went back to college a few years ago I always sat in the front row, if I was more than 3 rows back I hated it. Usually wherever I go — conferences, classes, etc. I prefer to sit right up front. I never thought of it as having anything to do with confidence, I just consider it to be when you want to make sure you hear and see everything.

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